Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate digital learning acquired Codecademy, a leading online learning platform for technical skills, for approximately $525 million in cash and stock. Michael Yoo, the head of Skillsoft’s technology and developer business, and Zach Sims, the founder, and CEO of Codecademy discussed Skillsoft’s recent acquisition of Codecademy with WorkTech Founder George LaRocque.

Codecademy is an innovative and popular learning platform providing high-demand technical skills to approximately 40 million registered learners in nearly every country worldwide. The platform offers interactive, self-paced courses and hands-on learning in 14 programming languages across multiple domains such as application development, data science, cloud and cybersecurity.

Skillsoft provides enterprise learning solutions designed to prepare organizations for the future of work, overcome critical skill gaps, drive demonstrable behavior-change, and unlock the potential in their people. 

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • What’s happening in the online learning market that brought these two leading brands together.
  • What Skillsoft and Codecademy customers can expect.
  • How this acquisition will impact the Skillsoft technology and developer offerings, SumTotal, and Percipio.
  • The terms of the deal and the expected commercial impact.

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Enjoy the discussion!

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