Sense announced a $50 million Series D Round of venture capital with a $500 million valuation for its talent engagement platform. This brings its total raised to %90 million. The deal was led by SoftBank.

CEO and Founder Anil Dharni talks with WorkTech’s George LaRocque about:

  • How Sense delivers personalization to candidates.
  • How Sense engages candidates across messaging channels.
  • Why the company closed its Series D now.
  • What its $500 million valuation means for the company and product.
  • How Sense plans to use its new funding.

$13.7  billion was invested globally in work tech through Q3 2021 across 299 deals. 2021 is soaring past $17 billion YTD. WorkTech Market Insiders can access insights and analysis of all of the deals in our Q3 report with a free membership.

Enjoy the discussion!

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