POCMI Founder and CEO Melissa Powell joins WorkTech Founder George LaRocque to discuss the challenges facing talent and companies that are participating in the global talent market.

People look for and find work outside of their own countries for myriad reasons, just as companies look for and find talent beyond their borders. When that comes with relocation, the challenges associated with migration are usually underestimated. POCMI’s tech helps both the talent and the employers find each other, facilitate the hire, and then a move across boders compliantly and seamlessly. Learn how on WorkTech.

POCMI was a participant in Impact WorkTech Accelerator Cohort Two.

The Work Tech category continues to outperform tech at large for global VC investment.  WorkTech Market Insiders can access insights and analysis of all of the deals in our Q4 2022 report with a free membership.

Enjoy the discussion!

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