SeekOut announced the launch of SeekOut Assist, a generative AI for finding and engaging talent, taking recruiters from job description to initial contact with highly qualified candidates in a matter of moments.

SeekOut Assist uses job descriptions to automatically surface qualified candidates, keeping the human in control of powerful filters “managing” the AI. It also personalizes emails to engage candidates at scale.

SeekOut stressed that they are deliberate and thoughtful in their approach to implementing this technology.,remaining committed to the responsible use of AI.

SeekOut’s Co-founder and CEO Anoop Gupta met with WorkTech to discuss SeekOut’s overall approach to AI, demonstrate some of the key new features in SeekOut Assist, and give us a glimpse at some new capabilities coming to SeekOut customers. This is part of WorkTech’s ongoing “Meet the Work Tech AI Innovators” series, where WorkTech Founder George LaRocque goes beyond the hype and digs in on products, roadmaps, and approaches to AI with the innovators in the Work Tech market.

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Enjoy the discussion!

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