Beamery announced the launch of TalentGPT, a generative AI for HR technology, which delivers personalized experiences for managers, recruiters, candidates, and employees. With TalentGPT, Beamery aims to transform every talent acquisition and talent management experience with generative AI.

TalentGPT will offer a single assistant that leverages both Beamery’s proprietary AI and OpenAI’s GPT-4 and other leading Large Language Models (LLMs). This unique combination allows TalentGPT to deeply personalize the insights and recommendations provided to the user and generate content that adapts to changing customer information and requirements in real-time.

For example, TalentGPT will generate new job descriptions and make them highly relevant to the skills that organizations lack and the capabilities that make high performers successful. It will not just generate email templates to send but contextualize them to the exact candidate audience employers are trying to reach. It will provide career recommendations to employees and guide them based on their skills and where they need to develop to find their next promotion.

Beamery Cofounder and President Sultan Saidov met with WorkTech to discuss Beamery’s overall approach to AI, demonstrate some of the key new features in TalentGPT, and give us a glimpse at some new capabilities on their way to Beamery customers. This is part of WorkTech’s ongoing “Meet the Work Tech AI Innovators” series, where WorkTech Founder George LaRocque goes beyond the hype and digs in on products, roadmaps, and approaches to AI with the innovators in the Work Tech market.

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