Compa announced the launch of Compa Index a real-time market data platform based on offers and built for the enterprise.

From Compa’s Announcement:

“Offers are largely overlooked, both for their downstream pay impact and for their potential as a source of market data.

Economically speaking, the offer is pure, unfiltered market signal. It is literally the interface between the enterprise and the talent marketplace – the bid/ask transaction that reveals price. In aggregate, accepted and rejected offers represent prevailing market rates.

Offers also encode valuable metadata about market activity like offer volumes, acceptance rates, and time to fill. Similar to the housing market, we can use these insights to estimate (and even predict) market trends. Declining volumes, rising acceptance rates – prices will likely fall.

Compa Index aggregates offer data across our customer network in a give-to-get model. 

By connecting to your applicant tracking system (ATS), verified accepted and rejected offer data contributes automatically – no manual submission required. Your comp team completes a brief questionnaire to help us structure and match your pay elements, jobs and levels so data is apples-to-apples. 

Similar to surveys, market data in Compa Index is aggregated and verified. No sharing individual offers and no crowdsourced data. We carefully design privacy in collaboration with customers to earn trust from the most secure enterprise comp teams in the world. 

Once live, you get instant access to real-time, global market data exclusively available to participating companies. You also get automated real-time reporting on your internal offers – no more manual data cleaning.”

Learn more about Compa Index here:

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