Ethena announced another $2 million round of VC for its compliance training based on micro-learning, nudging employees into five-minute anti-harassments lessons. This brings the total raised to $5 million. The founders tell TechCrunch that they’ve started to get traction in larger enterprises and believe that the app’s content is its biggest differentiator.

Three observations on this deal and the market landscape for learning HR tech focused on anti-harrasment:

  1. Decades of research show that traditional anti-harassment training and grievance systems don’t work.
  2. Employers of all sizes are looking for new approaches that create a safe space for employees while creating better managers and coworkers.
  3. It’s hard to differentiate any app based on content.

$5 billion was invested in HR technology globally in 2020, get the full report here.

Source: Ethena, which sends bite-sized nudges for compliance training, shifts its focus amid new capital | TechCrunch

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