We’ve seen hybrid social and professional networks emerge to take on LinkedIn many times. None of them have achieved market traction or even sustainable revenue to compete. Most of them pivot into more traditional job board marketplace models. Elpha is the most recent startup looking to take on LinkedIn by focusing on women in tech. Elpha is a Y Combinator graduate. TechCrunch reports that one of the founders started Elpha as an internal project at Y Combinator, where she worked for ~ 3years, then spun it out in its current form.

Gender inequities in the workplace are causing business to take action externally in recruiting and internally in areas like compensation and “career pathing.” HRWins research shows that non-HR business leaders perceive a direct positive financial impact in their business via gender equity. Let’s hope Elpha gets runway to grow without pivoting away from the network aspects of what they look to be focused on. A little competition for LinkedIn would be a good thing for everyone, as is anything that improves career/workplace gender equity.

Source: Professional network for women Elpha raises seed funding | TechCrunch

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