Duco Raised a $1.7 million Seed round to connect high-end consultants to businesses.

From Duco’s announcement:

Duco Advisors, Inc., a software-as-a-service marketplace reinventing the way enterprises hire high-end consultants for high-value projects, has successfully closed a $1.7 million series-seed financing round led by Subversive Capital and joined by Silicon Valley based venture capital firm NFX and Bulldog Innovation Group, a Yale alumni-led venture capital firm. NFX and four other investors followed on after previously investing in Duco.Photo: Dan Nevill/Creative Commons“Duco is the expert network of the 21st century. It dramatically lowers fees and allows clients to forge real, ongoing relationships with some of the world’s top experts,” said Michael Auerbach, General Partner at Subversive Capital and Senior Vice President at Albright Stonebridge. “Finding, vetting, and paying for quick outside insight should be seamless. I’ve used Duco myself, and with its deep marketplace of talent and friendly UX, Duco is perfectly situated to own this space,” added Auerbach.

Source: Duco Closes $1.7 Million Seed Round

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