Denmark-based Good Monday announced a USD $4 million VC raise this week. They provide what they call a “workspace management” app. From what we can glean from their site, it’s really a marketplace and management app addressing the physical employee experience.

We research, study, and advise on employee experience a lot at HRWins. The physical aspect of employee experience is woefully overlooked by most HR leaders, yet it represents some of the most direct impact we can have on employees on a day to day basis. Much of the discussion is consumed by the digital aspect of the employee experience, which actually isn’t the biggest contributing factor. This includes the physical environment, whether in an office or remote, commute and travel, and well-being in the office. All contribute greatly to our employees’ experience. However, so many aspects of this are not looked at through the experience lens. Desk/office/home-office set up is relegated to intake forms during employee onboarding, or supported by operations post-hire. Wellbeing initiatives sit in benefits, perks, or across departments. Commuter benefits and travel coordination are benefits and operational after-thoughts.

Good Monday seems to address some, possibly all, of these factors. In the mid and post-COVID-19 world apps contributing to the employee experience beyond the digital factors, like Good Monday, deserve a look.



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