Degreed has announced a $32 million Series D funding, bringing its total raised to $185.2 million. The firm reported record demand for its platform over the last 6 months with one-in-seven Degreed users acitivating their accounts in April and May of 2020. They continue to gain traction with large global enterprise accounts as well, touting Ford, Fidelity Investments, and South Africa’s Standard Bank as new customers.

Degreed was one of the first learning tech providers to bring consumer-grade experience to the corporate environment, supporting and enabling the way people learn when on and off the job. Degreed continued to innovate, shifting the converation to upskilling and internal mobility before most were seriouslly thinking about it, with the acquisitions of Pathgather in 2018 and Adepto in 2019. The Pathgather technology cemented Degreed position as a leader in learning experience and Adepto brought the ability for Degreed customers to sense the need and demand for skills and then respond.

Now, as the business world responds to the COVID-19 crisis, the acceleration of the distributed and remote work trends, and the global economic slowdown upskilling and internal mobility strategies and its enabling technology are priorities on the CIO and CHRO’s lists. Degreed reports that the majority of the new funding will be used for innovation of its Career Mobility platform. Now with Degreed, Pathgather, and Adepto on one platform, look for Degreed to take things to another level.

Degreed integrates and curates all of the resources people use to learn — including learning management systems and millions of courses, videos, articles, books, and podcasts. Then they use behavioral and data science to analyze worker’s skills, and to automatically personalize career development based on their jobs, strengths, and goals.


Source: Degreed adds $32 million to fast-track capabilities for upskilling, reskilling and redeploying workers at scale

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