Compt announced a $1.5 Million Seed round as it enters the crowded category of employee recognition, perks, and rewards. A quick tour of their website, blog, and announcement doesn’t reveal any unique platform capabilities. We’ve been seeing personalized and configurable recognition and rewards apps for years. The innovation here looks to be a model focused on stipends, which can be applied toward a list of perks unique to each employer. Perks listed include remote work, health and wellness, learning and development, and so on.

Offering employees an amount to spend on the perks of their choice, an amount as a core benefits offering and/or earned through recognition gamification, is not unique. What’s interesting is that the perks aren’t offered via a standardized catalog that every customer draws from, but the perks are meant to be created and configured by each customer. One of those interesting features that might the actual challenge to Compt’s growth. HR professionals are being asked to extend their skillsets beyond the core of the function to include marketing, data analysis, tech analyst, behavioral science experts, and more. Is perk designer a natural, or is the convenience of a perk catalog along with benefits tailored to the employer demographics more scalable?

We haven’t taken a briefing with Compt, and have no insights to plans for the platform with regard to machine learning, or leveraging customer perk design data in the aggregate, but that may be our suggestion on where they go with that newly raises $1.5 million.

Source: Compt Raises $1.5 Million Led by Harlem Capital Partners to Scale Personalized Perk Management for Businesses | Compt

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