ChartHop announced a $5 Million Seed Round to help companies visualize their workforce with an org chart that ties to workforce planning, modeling, and people analytics. Based on their website claims to tie into workforce planning and people analytics, they better be ready to compete across several HR tech categories and with vendors at all stages. Most modern HCM tech offers a visual view of the org, and then ties into other HR processes. The current market focus on reskilling/upskilling/career-pathing has several vendors visualizing teams and the internal “network.” Talent management providers have also been heading down this path for years, with learning experience and performance management vendors all visualizing teams and their relationships.

Most startups entering HR tech don’t realize that they’re joining such a crowded field. With just over $5.3 Billion in VC for HR tech in 2019 alone, there’s usually a handful of people trying to solve the problem you’ve identified.


Source: Introducing ChartHop | Blog | ChartHop

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