In the 2019 Global HR Tech VC Lookback we pointed the opportunities for job board marketplaces to adapt to trends in non-traditional employment/work models, specialization, and value add.  Catalant looks to be a good example of this. Launching in 2013 as a job board marketplace for consultants, they’ve since extended their software and services into work planning, resource management, and insights/reporting. They claim to provide access to more than 65,000 independent experts and 1,000 “boutique” consulting firms in 127 countries around the world.

Catalant positions itself as a “software platform to get from strategy to execution faster.” It’s messaging that we’ve seen in the market repeatedly, but most vendors fall down on providing actual capabilities and analytics that facilitate actual strategy. The value proposition normally falls back to the availability and quality of talent. By positioning as a platform that enables strategy and execution, the buyer is immediately drawn to consider internal talent mobility and availability along with external – and this is not limited to consultants or boutique firms. Hooks into the myriad HR, talent, and core B2B tech is another area we see startups struggle.

Can a job board make the leap and lead the way? It will certainly be interesting to watch.

Source: Catalant Technologies Raises $35 Million in Series E Funding to Fuel Enterprise Growth and Scale

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