Talent Acquisition Leaders Should Learn How Leverage AI and Automation, Not Fear It

Recruiting is ripe for automation. I get that you don’t want to lose your job. No one wants that. But, the fact of the matter is that you’re sitting on top of an incredible career opportunity, and it’s only going to get better. New, modern technology is entering the space that is career-making. Like the generation of leaders before you that brought employers on-line to the Internet and web, you have an opportunity to test the limits of some new technologies that could have the greatest impact yet – it could remove the administrative and tactical noise from your recruiting desktops and free them to do what they do best – engage candidates at a personal level and show them the best of what your company has to offer them.

When we took employers to the web and to the cloud a big hurdle was the threat of recruiters losing their jobs. The jobs didn’t go away. They changed. In fact, recruiting teams exploded with the emergence of sourcers, recruitment branding and marketing professionals, recruiting operations and more. Look, if your job is to schedule interviews, or to drive other tasks that create the friction in the hiring process that can grind it to halt, you should be looking for new skills. And, this is your chance.

Be the talent acquisition professional that learns how to apply AI, automation, or machine learning to take your candidate experience, you, your team, and your employer to the next level.

Where to start? A few colleagues and I created this guide to AI, bots, and automation to give you a few things to think about.

So, stop fearing the future and start creating it.



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