Companies struggle with leadership skills. HRWins research shows that most leaders spend less than 3 hours per month on people-related issues. Getting leaders to engage their people, versus waiting for employees to “get engaged” is a big challenge and it impacts business performance and productivity. Will a coaching app connect those dots? BetterUp has raised $103 million in new capital to test that theory. It’s a huge funding raise in a largely unproven HR tech category.

BetterUp mobile coaching app that aims to help all workers gain more clarity, purpose and passion, today announced its Series C—$103 million in growth financing. BetterUp helps employees flourish via one-to-one coaching, available on demand 24/7, to improve leadership skills like resilience, growth mindset, creativity and collaboration, and drive new ways of leading and a new level of performance. By concentrating on the whole person and enabling each worker to be a little bit better, BetterUp transforms entire organizations from the inside out.

Source: BetterUp Raises $103 Million to Humanize Work – BetterUp

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