FlexCareers is a job board marketplace to help women return to the workforce after taking time to raise their children. On the job board side – it  looks like a niche play for employers looking to do the right thing and align their brand with this sort of effort. On the markeplace side – it looks to bring training, coaching, and re-certification to candidates as they re-enter the workforce, and they claim to leverage modern tech to do it. All of the buzzwords are on their site – AI, machine learning, data analytics, and more. It’s a good thing -and a great purpose for a business, regardless of the genders of the two founders, who are both men. Looking at their team page, 3 of its 8 senior leaders including the founders, are women.

Their messaging on their site is confused – stating their purpose of helping women re-enter the workforce, yet also looking very generic and focused on flex work, at one point stating the “initial focus” is to help women enter the workforce. It left me (a male) feeling that this was more about leveraging a business opportunity than creating a fundamental purpose for the business. I would imagine it confuses customers and candidates, too.

All of that said, the real messaging mistake? They’re goal is to become the “Netflix of recruitment.”

Source: ‘Done a job like this, love a job like that’: FlexCareers raises $4.5 million to be “the Netflix of recruitment” – SmartCompany

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