Ally raised $8 million to help companies better manage their OKRs.

Google introduced a performance management process based on quarterly OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results. Naturally, it has become popular with Silicon Valley, the tech industry, and those that emulate those. Outside of SV, OKRs look like another flavor of self-reported quarterly goals built into an existing performance management process. Our research over the last six years has consistently shown that whether it’s done quarterly, via ad hoc feedback, or at any frequency is less relevant to employers of all sizes. More important is the flexibility to accommodate approaches and frequencies that will vary across departments and regional/divisional cultures.

Ally is far from the first to automate the collection, tracking, and analysis of OKRs and should expect to bump into OKRs as a feature in most performance-related HR technology apps.

Source: Ally raises $8M Series A for its OKR solution | TechCrunch

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