Castlight Health develops a “health navigation platform” that “improves the employee experience across the entire health journey.” The modern world of employer provided benefits continues to grow in complexity for employers and employees alike. Benefits have become an increasingly important way for employers to differentiate and attract and retain employees. This has led to growing slate of elective benefits and other new programs being incorporated into benefits packages, all with varying degrees of relevance or customizability for employees. Adding to the complexity is a fluid regulatory environment, an onslaught of consumer apps, a growing vendor landscape, shifting plan designs, and specialized provider networks. Employers and employees alike need a guide to navigate this ever changing landscape. It’s what makes the benefits enrollment the part of the employee experience that most people love to hate. It can be confusing and frustrating for many employees. And, it isn’t any more of a joy for the HR professionals there to support the process.

Castlight Health’s “health navigation system” personalizes the experience for each employee, leveraging hundreds of accessible data points. Beyond enrollment, Castlight sparks health program utilization with an eye on employee experience and engagement. Employee users access the solutions via mobile and web apps. Aiming to reduce complexity while providing an improved and personalized experience for employees. It’s this approach that put them on the 2017 HRWins Top HR Companies To Watch List.

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