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Recruitment is Branding. Recruitment is Marketing. Recruitment is Sales…. and so it goes. This is a conversation that has been evolving for over 20 years. Of course there are nuances […]

Recruitment is Branding. Recruitment is Marketing. Recruitment is Sales…. and so it goes. This is a conversation that has been evolving for over 20 years. Of course there are nuances to Recruitment that differentiate it from corporate branding, marketing, or sales, but at its core the analogy has stood up to the test of time.

As the conversation has evolved, so has the way that HR applies branding, marketing, and sales to Recruitment and Sourcing. Technology follows along (think of CRM), and in some cases leads (think Social, Mobile, or Big Data). When it comes to technology, you can generally watch the corporate market – see the trends evolve there – then watch HR test them and fit them into our paradigm. This is an excellent way to quickly evolve your marketing effort. In marketing we like to test different approaches, compare results, learn and adapt, rinse and repeat. As technology emerges so quickly, HR is offered an increasing number of options to consider when it comes to Recruiting and Sourcing Talent. It’s more required than ever to have a technology platform that can quickly adapt to new trends, test, measure, and incorporate success into your Recruitment Marketing “mix”.

Enter SmashFly Technologies.

Smashfly provides a Recruitment Marketing Platform that distributes your jobs to traditional job boards and the social and open web; Measures your recruiting performance with real-time metrics; helps build your talent networks; bolsters your Employer Brand; helps optimize your SEO; and assists you in sourcing candidates. All from one platform. It’s a powerful Marketing Platform, and it takes into account that HR Professionals are not Marketing Pros – the interface is clean and intuitive. For a suite of products that offers so much in a single platform, the complexity is all “behind the interface”.

Smashfly was built for companies with more than 1,000 employees. It’s affordable for its target audience, and is scalable to, and used by, companies at the 1,000 employee entry point, global enterprises, and everything in between. Because the suite can be implemented in modules, Smashfly offers a large degree of flexibility and long-term upside for companies that need to address an urgent need/opportunity in one or two aspects of their Recruitment Marketing and then move into more strategic opportunities over time.

Smashfly addresses several opportunities or challenges for the Enterprise:

  • They promise to keep you ahead of “the technology curve”. Smashfly is nimble and quick to develop and/or integrate new technologies/trends/approaches into their platform. They believe that customers are better off with a Recruitment Marketing Platform that rapidly expands to meet new needs and opportunities, and not an expanding list of Point Solution Vendors. There is a lot to be said for this, and when you combine this approach with their near perfect customer retention rate and their responsiveness it is a strong differentiator for them.
  • Duplication of effort is minimized. This is a bigger deal than we would all like it to be. The reality of HR Technology in Recruitment and Sourcing is that many companies have to duplicate their efforts across a series of point solutions that all contribute to different parts of the process. Think about how many times a recruiter has to enter a job description. Smashfly seamlessly integrates with your Talent Management or ATS system and lets you focus on getting the job done – the real job.
  • Move away from a “next call or email mentality” and toward more strategic campaigns. With the bulk of your sourcing managed from one platform – you have the metrics to decide where to spend your next advertising dollar, and the view to whether you have candidates in your Talent Network that fit your upcoming needs. The promise is that you will stop having to recreate the wheel with every new Requisition by applying brute force or the old “post and pray”.

The modules break down like this:

  • Recruitment Ad Distribution: Send jobs to top global and/or niche job boards, social networking sites, PPC/SEM, print ads, and the open web.
  • CRM: Extend your Talent Network database and build relationships. Automated contact data entry, email and SMS campaign management, web sourcing, and integration to your existing Talent Network via ATS/TM integration.
  • Career Marketing Sites: SEO – ready content, Mobile Job Pages, and Dynamic Landing/Branding Pages that promise to enhance your engagement and conversion rates.
  • Recruitment Marketing Metrics: Dashboards, Core Metrics, and Pipeline Analytics that promise more visibility into what’s working and what to do next.

If you’re a company with more than 1,000 employees and looking to consolidate Recruitment Marketing onto one platform, Smashfly is a company with products you should be looking at.

Disclosure: 14 years ago I worked closely with the CEO/Founder of Smashfly. I ran Global Sales for HireSystems/BrassRing for several years and he was the principal Architect and Development Manager of the product at that time (1998 – 2002). This post is NOT the result of any sponsorship or paid relationship.





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