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  Employee Transition.  Outplacement.  Reductions In Force Support.  Whatever you call it, it’s the part of the Talent Lifecycle that we don’t like to dwell on, however it’s something that […]


Employee Transition.  Outplacement.  Reductions In Force Support.  Whatever you call it, it’s the part of the Talent Lifecycle that we don’t like to dwell on, however it’s something that has been on the rise through good times and bad.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)reported that since 1996 the number of layoffs of 50 employees or more has averaged 1 million employees annually.  The vendors that provide services in this critical time of transition are not known for leveraging technology.  Resume writing help, a desk, computer, and a phone to use temporarily, job postings to scan, and some rudimentary career counseling – that is generally how the process is described by people I know that go through it.  I believe that companies “transitioning” employees would really like to provide services with more impact, and that those in transition would leverage anything offered.  Outplacement has truly been an industry ripe for innovation.

Enter RiseSmart.

RiseSmart provides what they call next-generation outplacement solutions. They leverage a cloud-based technology platform, proven methodologies, and one-on-one support to help employers with their workforce strategy, and displaced employees with their career strategy. They’ve been delivering results far above the National average.  In Q1 2012 the BLS reported the average time of unemployment at 277 days (9.08 months).  RiseSmart reports that impacted employees working with them averaged 110 days (3.6 months), 59% faster back to work than the National Average.

Everyone wins when a displaced employee gets back to work faster.  What matters most is that people find work, stay afloat financially, and in some cases hopefully find an even better position for themselves.  The Employer wins in this scenario, too.  RiseSmart promises to leave a Company’s Employer Brand more in tact with people using the service, and they have survey data to back it up.  When RiseSmart delivers, Companies are also able to reduce unemployment insurance taxes and severance costs.  More displaced employees feeling  better about their experience, and Employers feeling they truly helped, while managing costs.  A win-win at a time when it’s normally hard to see a silver lining for everyone involved.

RiseSmart is incredibly cost-effective, priced on a per-employee basis with two optional service levels.  The technology is scalable.  This makes RiseSmart a viable option for both SMBs and Large Enterprises.  RiseSmart has been evolving their technology and services since 2006 in more than 29 industries.  The depth of their industry experience is important, because there is context that is applicable to the service they provide.  Helping someone in transition in manufacturing is different from helping someone coming out of a financial services firm, for example.  RiseSmart leverages a rich technology platform and individualized virtual services and content to achieve efficiencies, and most importantly success, for displaced workers and Employer Customers.

RiseSmart addresses several opportunities or business challenges for companies of all sizes, and those in transition that utilize their services:

People get back to work faster.   2 times faster than the National Average (per BLS and RiseSmart statistics, see above).   Employees in transition get the help that matters most – assistance that helps them land their next position.  Employers provide that experience and manage costs while doing it.

Minimize Branding Issues by Doing The Right Thing.  No one wants to transition employees or to be transitioned.  The Great Recession has shown us all that no one is immune to going through this. The fact that you had to transition employees won’t materially impact your brand  – how you treat them will.  Did you provide services that helped them get to the next stop in their career? or not?  In a time when a skilled workforce shortage is a growing reality, it’s important to have an Employer Brand that is strong.  If you can have that AND a strong Alumni network you might look back at your outplacement costs as an investment in your Talent Network and Brand.  RiseSmart solutions promise to help you there.

The Solution breaks down like this:

Powerful Job-Seeker Web Based App:  A powerful job search tool where the open web is scoured for jobs, and then a semantic search and matching platform is used to match the individual’s profile to all these open jobs( it’s like eHarmony in the job space) to identify most relevant jobs which are then filtered and presented to the individuals through a JobCRM portal. The individuals give quick feedback on each job which goes back into the technology to make the search smarter on an ongoing basis.  Social Networks like LinkedIn and FaceBook are integrated so that Seekers can see who they know at companies with jobs posted – or at Companies they have on their “Watch List”.  Communications with potential employers are tracked and managed, sort of like Job Seeker CRM to keep the process organized and efficient.  Career Content and Feedback is also delivered based on the preferences of the individual.   I see so many products innovated for the Employer, it was truly refreshing to see an interface that has the Job Seeker in mind.

Resume Services:  Resumes, cover letter templates, and communication templates written by dedicated professional consultants with industry expertise.  They also help “brand” the job seeker with career bios written for Social Networks.  Resumes can also be distributed to a specialized recruiter network.

Dedicated Human Touch:  Dedicated Career Coaches provide 1:1 support and advice for Job-Seekers. Job-seekers are also invited to weekly webinars with industry experts on everything from social networks, to personal finances, to coping with change.

RiseSmart Mobile App:  Job Seekers take RiseSmart on the road with them during their search.  Accessing their data and content when and where they need it via virtually all mobile platforms, including the iPad.

Employer Reports On-Demand:   Employers get On-Demand reports and access to “off-boarding” via a web interface.

If you’re a company of any size and find yourself transitioning employees, you should be looking at RiseSmart to help the people who will be effected, because they deserve results better than the National Average don’t they?

Disclosure:  This post is NOT a result of any sponsorship or paid relationship.


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