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There has always been a lot of talk about merging the performance data and predictive indicators captured in HR with the historical, current, and predictive core business data and metrics […]

There has always been a lot of talk about merging the performance data and predictive indicators captured in HR with the historical, current, and predictive core business data and metrics captured outside of HR.  The result being the promise of a management tool that doesn’t just show you historical performance, but helps you get ahead of anticipated business challenges and make sure you have the right people on the right job at the right time, and that they are engaged.  This scenario has been spun using analytic tools and dashboards for years.  The challenge is that correlating the HR and Core Business data is hard – and line Executives and Managers just don’t identify with the HR data the way they do with the Core Business Metrics.  But, imagine if it was as easy to intuit this data as it is to look at weather graphics in a 10-day forecast?

Enter Modern Survey, and their “Heat” platform.

Modern Survey Heat is a solution that combines HR Data, surveys, customer data, benchmarks and  other data from enterprise systems with the promise of better management strategies, responsiveness, and action.  The solution is delivered in an interface that is as useful for the CEO as it is the line manager or HR Director.

Whether looking at performance Enterprise-wide or at a department/location level, the system gives you the current “weather results” of your performance and leverages trend data to give you a forecast, complete with suggested go-forward actions.  Results may be “sunny” today with sales up and location productivity high, but looking into next quarter your bottom line may be making your forecast slightly cloudy based on an increasing cost-per-hire and key positions being left open as you continue to grow, delivering a results/productivity hit to your team.   If you had that kind of “organizational weather forecast” and could drill down to see core business metrics by staff, location, product, etc. , and then look to see if your High Performers are engaged in the right area… Well, how much more effective would those management meetings be?

The Heat Platform is targeted for use by companies with between 1,000 and 5,000 employees.  Modern Survey has been providing solutions to companies across various industries for more than 13 years.  Their solutions have been focused on Effectiveness, Engagement, Performance, Feedback, and Intelligence (research).  Heat doesn’t require the adoption of any of Modern Survey’s existing products or survey instruments.  It is truly independent, built to take metrics and other input from disparate systems and simplify the connection to results.  Heat was developed to be Mobile – giving business leaders access anywhere on any device, Predictive – to better retain and engage both Employees and Customers, and Social – and by social, Modern Survey means driving meaningful interaction between everyone in the Enterprise via tech or any other means.

Heat addresses several opportunities or business challenges for companies with between 1,000 and 5,000 Employees:

Empowers Mid-Market and Small Enterprise to turn “nimble” into an even bigger competitive advantage.  Companies with under 5,000 Employees rely on their ability to be nimble to beat their larger competition.  But, in today’s economy the big guys are getting more local and homogenizing markets quickly.  Heat combines core business metrics, customer data, and human factors in your enterprise with the promise of being nimble proactively, and not just responding to business issues in hind-sight.

Helps Line Managers See Past the KPI.  Your Key Performance Indicators can all be cooking along.  Results are up – Profits following.  Then BOOM  – key performers leave and the two weeks notice they gave you just doesn’t do much for you.  The stress this can put on a Department or Team can be lessened or avoided if line managers have visibility into their teams that goes beyond the KPI and starts to identify risk within a team, even when on the surface everything is fine.

Connects Employees to Results Every Day.  Whether the forecast is “sunny” or “cloudy”, Heat promises to guide the Manager to the right actions, which almost always involves communication and feedback for the staff.  Whether it’s announcing and celebrating success, or an opportunity for coaching that may help everyone do better, Heat doesn’t allow the Line Manager or Division Head to forget the critical feedback the team needs to stay on point or get more engaged.

Heat integrates HR, Customer, and Business Metrics in an elegant, easy to use interface.  Modern Survey, or other vendor, applications capturing metrics related to Results, Onboarding, Engagement, Performance, Leadership Feedback, Retention, and Intelligence are harnessed and then delivered to the Enterprise on any computing platform or mobile device.

Companies with between 1,000 and 5,000 Employees that are looking to compete and win externally while creating a thriving work environment and culture internally should take a look at Modern Survey’s Heat Platform.

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