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  For some of us that have been in the Cloud Computing Revolution from its start in the 90s it’s easy to overlook the fact that this trend isn’t old […]


For some of us that have been in the Cloud Computing Revolution from its start in the 90s it’s easy to overlook the fact that this trend isn’t old news.  When you roll up the forecasts and market estimates for  the Cloud (here’s a really good roll up from Louis Columbus) you suddenly realize that the last 15 years or so were the heavy lifting part and that we’re about to see incredibly rapid wholesale moves to the cloud across every market segment.  As Cloud Computing eclipses On Premise delivery in market share there is a list of vendors that provide the strategy (think companies like Accenture) and infrastructure (think companies like Amazon) to deliver Cloud Computing Applications to the market that will do very well – these vendors are referred to as the “arms dealers” and “cloud integrators” – they provide the strategy and infrastructure that other vendors use to beat each other up in the market on their quest for market share in their respective niches.

There is only one computing platform I’m aware of that makes that list: salesforce.com  If you think of salesforce.com as just a CRM company, expand your thoughts.  They develop a cloud based computing platform (called force.com) that is now the development environment for Applications across many vertical markets, including our beloved Human Capital Management and HR Technology space.   HR Technology solutions that are developed on this platform get immediate access to a customer base of over 100,000 worldwide, the ability to leverage rapid advancement of trends in social – mobile – CRM – marketing – analytics and more, and the ability to scale to global enterprises yet offer a solution that is cost-effective enough to be used by the SMB.  There is only one truly Enterprise class HR Technology solution I can find that saw this trend and started innovating on the salesforce.com platform early – ahead of the pack.

Enter Jobscience.

 Jobscience provides what they call a Social Relationship Management solution.  On one fully integrated platform they offer Social and Collaborative Recruiting/ATS, Talent Sourcing, Onboarding, Mobile Interviewing, and more.  Their solution is delivered with an elegant user interface (salesforce is completely behind the scenes).  Perhaps one of the most impressive things about the Jobscience platform is how quickly they can mold it to a customer’s specific needs in a meaningful way.  Jobscience demonstrated a system that is used by a large international artistic entertainment company that looks at videos of potential employee’s performances in the way the rest of the world use resumes – complete with feedback and workflow that leverages the social and mobile bells and whistles we all now expect.  This is more than configuration – this is customer-driven innovation.  It’s an example of how they have been able to focus on innovation for HR, and their customers, and not have to worry to about infrastructure, performance, and scale like the rest of the market, because that’s covered in force already (pun intended).

Other Talent Management and Talent Acquisition Vendors make a lot more noise in the market about being social, mobile, etc.  Jobscience has the luxury of growing quietly while innovating their solutions and feeding off of the salesforce eco-system.  They are a particularly interesting solution for any Talent Management environment that is thinking about Social and CRM.  They inherently go far in both areas, because of the deep well of capabilities in the salesforce platform – this combined with their decades of experience in the space is powerful for customers.

Jobscience is targeted for use by companies with anywhere from 500 Employees up to large Enterprises of 10,000 Employees or more….  They are also one of the few vendors that have successfully delivered their product to 3rd party staffing firms, of all sizes.

Jobscience addresses several opportunities or business challenges for companies with more than 500 employees:

Allow firms of all sizes to leverage an Enterprise-scale application and Platform.  Whether you have 1,000 employees and compete with firms 20 times your size, or whether you have 30,000 employees and need to be more nimble in order to succeed.   In order to compete in the market you’ve adopted strategies and systems that leverage your strengths with competitors of all sizes.  You need Talent Management and Acquisition Strategies and Systems that allow you to do the same, and will adapt with you as new challenges and opportunities emerge.  Jobscience promises to be uniquely qualified to deliver today and scale with you as you grow.

Helps Companies become more connected and Social in order to compete for Skilled Talent.  Companies of all sizes are leveraging the cloud, social, and mobile technologies in order to collaborate and execute more effectively.  Benefits span from Employer Brand to cost-reduction and everything in between.  The Jobscience platform is both pliable and robust, allowing customers to adapt their unique approach to talent management while leveraging the capabilities driven by Jobscience and salesforce.com to meet the promise of the Social Enterprise.

Avoid Point Solution Creep.  There is a steady onslaught of point solutions in HR Technology, the likes of which we have never seen before.  Having one integrated platform, with deep and extending capabilities in areas like Social, Mobile, Video, CRM, etc.  combined with a nimble vendor innovating for customers promises to be a recipe for success.  The complexity involved in managing the user and candidate/employee experience across a long list of point solutions could offer a duplication of effort that runs costs far above any value added by an extending list of even the best point solutions.  Jobscience, by the nature of their platform, helps reduce risk for customers here.

The modules break down like this:

Social Recruiting/ATS:  Fully featured ATS integrating 20 Social Networks.  Embedded Social Collaboration.  Skills and Competency Matching.  Job distribution to Job Boards, Facebook Pages, customer websites, and the open web.  EEOC Compliance.  Enterprise Reporting and Analytics.

Talent Sourcing:  Distribution and “outreach” to Social Networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.  Fully featured CRM. Campaign Management including mass-email, conversion tracking, targeting and analysis.

On-Boarding:  Fully featured and Integrated.

Managing:  A line manager’s interface into the HR Processes they need in order to manage and grow their teams.  Fully integrated into the jobscience core HR applications, and leveraging Social Collaboration Tools.

If you are a company with 500 or 50,000 employees interested in a Talent Management and Acquisition technology platform that can adapt and grow as your firm, strategies, and tactics do you should be taking a long look at Jobscience.

Disclosure:  This post is NOT a result of any sponsorship or paid relationship.

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