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  Mobile.  It’s more than a trend.  When you look at the statistics on Mobile adoption and usage it’s staggering.  It looks like mobile is the future.  When you look […]


Mobile.  It’s more than a trend.  When you look at the statistics on Mobile adoption and usage it’s staggering.  It looks like mobile is the future.  When you look globally, even more so.

You’ve probably heard many of the stats about mobile becoming the computing platform of the future.  It gets summed up nicely in a study commissioned by Qualcomm  which stated, “With more than 6 billion connections worldwide and US$1.3 trillion in annual revenue, 1. mobile telephony has become the largest information and communication technology (ICT) in history. Mobile connects four times as many people as landline telephony because of its better reach, convenience, and functionality and its lower costs.  2.  Mobile telephony also surpasses the landline Internet by more than 3.5 billion users, 3. while driving economic growth and important societal benefits, as documented in the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report 2008–2009: Mobility in a Networked World and other research.”  Comscore, the internet research firm, forecasts that mobile will eclipse desktop by 2014.  Gartner agrees.

Will mobile devices be where we interact with candidates and employees in the future?  We don’t make those predictions here, but it seems to be the direction in which we’re headed.

Enter iMomentous

While the world has been looking at developing and implementing Mobile Apps to address the equivalent of point solutions in the HR Tech landscape, iMomentous built a Platform

The iMomentous platform gives Companies of all sizes (SMB and Enterprises) a scalable central point to manage their Brand and their Candidate and Employee experiences.

iMomentous addresses several opportunities or business challenges for the Enterprise:

App Creep:  With Companies extending mobile apps for everything, the ability to manage the user and candidate/employee experience across these apps could offer a level of complexity and duplication of effort that runs costs far above any value added by an extending list of apps to manage.  iMomentous centralizes administration and offers Customers an incredibly easy to use, and powerful, interface to do so.

Reaching People Where and When They Work and Live:  Lets face it, the most complete contact lists, calendars, social activity, and task streams take place on our mobile devices.  It’s amazing how much of our lives are resident on our phones and tablets.  By moving to a mobile interface, as one of the opportunities for employees/candidates to interact, you have more odds of engaging them.

Opportunity for Increased Referral Rates:    I’ve probably forgotten more referrals that I thought about making when a colleague is standing in front of me, than I have actually ever made over my career.  If I had my phone contact list integrated into a core referral engine, it would be the other way around.  I’m just too lazy, and/or too busy, to get from my phone to my desktop sometimes.  I don’t think I’m unique.

The Apps being driven from the iMomentous platform look like this:

Career Connect – Fully Functional Career Portals.  These are fully branded, fully featured job portals.  For SMB firms without an ATS/TM system some simple CRM capabilities are also available.

Employee Connect – Powerful Employee Engagement:   OnBoarding, Learning & Development, and Field Connectivity solutions reaching Employees in the palm of their hand, anywhere – any time.  A mobile Employee Engagement App was something I was highly skeptical of, but then incredibly and pleasantly surprised.

iMomentous is also extending their reach via forthcoming integrations with other systems that are in our universe of Talent Management.  Look for them to emerge with, and through, other solutions in the near future.

If you are a company of any size looking at Mobile for any aspect of the Talent Management lifecycle, iMomentous is a company with solutions that you need to see.

Disclosure:  This post is NOT a result of any sponsorship or paid relationship.

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