2012 #hrwins HR Companies To Watch Vendor Report: Ceridian Dayforce
When I started #hrwins I hoped to find someone impacting core HR processes for the Mid-Market.  That’s where most of the employment is in the US.  HR Technology helping with […]

When I started #hrwins I hoped to find someone impacting core HR processes for the Mid-Market.  That’s where most of the employment is in the US.  HR Technology helping with true day-to-day challenges is innovation that really matters.  We like to get all excited about the shiny new trends – Social, Mobile, Big Data, etc., and these have a great impact in a lot of different and cool ways.  But, what about the HR and Ops managers in middle-sized companies burning days at a time for every payroll cycle trying to make sure that change files are uploaded properly, and batch payroll uploads went through and reflect those changes?  What if you could give time spent on issues like that back to HR?


Our HR Technology market was created decades ago, starting with payroll.  Follow the money, right?  Legacy payroll systems today, in large part, are unchanged from what they were 20 years ago.  They are also disconnected from the core HR technologies that have emerged in the last few decades.  What HR is left with is a huge interface and integration problem.  As a result, employee records are housed in multiple systems.  It’s not uncommon for the data impacting payroll – Time, Attendance, Benefits, Tax Data, etc. – to be housed in a separate system for each.  This makes payroll time headache time for HR, and those headaches get transferred to the employees when the technology doesn’t get it right.  Which happens more than we like.

This isn’t the most exciting problem to solve, but solving it may be one of the biggest impacts HR Technology could have for HR and Employers.  If you solve this, think of what opportunities get created in Workforce and Talent Management.

Enter Ceridian Dayforce.

Dayforce represents a bold move on Ceridian’s part to take Human Capital Management for the mid-market, in one wholesale shift, to the cloud.  More than that, it represents the opportunity for middle-sized businesses to have one Employee Record and conduct all core HR processes via one interface with no integration issues to struggle with.  Dayforce is targeted for customers with up to 10,000 employees, but they have customers of all sizes – including several larger firms.  Ceridian’s revenue is between $1 and $2 Billion, so moving everything to the cloud and a new system is incredibly bold – and it’s working.  They’re not rushing existing customers to go there, but they have impressive traction with new business and a strong queue of existing customers raising their hand to make the move.

Ceridian Dayforce addresses several opportunities or business challenges for companies in the Mid-Market:

Minimizes and eliminates duplication of effort at the start.  Dayforce starts making HR more efficient before it goes live – during implementation.  There is so much repetition in the HR processes that are currently housed across multiple systems for most employers.  The implementation process for Dayforce is projected to take up to 40% less time, as compared to implementing other “suites” of solutions offered in the market. I think that’s conservative.  It’s not surprising that it’s more efficient to implement one system vs. 2 or 3.

Moves HR to One Employee Record.  This is big.  Having one core Employee record minimizes errors, duplication of effort, and increases employee satisfaction with HR in areas like payroll and benefits.  It also gives management more real-time view to key HR analytics that aren’t dependent on integration.

Makes your Workforce Management Platform More Strategic.  In the use case I was shown, we moved employees around on a shift based schedule and watched the projected sales revenue change by location, based on the changes we made.  The data we were integrating was Point of Sale (POS) and financial data from the POS system.  THAT is the kind of integration HR should be thinking about – those that make the HR system more strategic and useful to the line functions.

Dayforce breaks down like this:

Workforce Management:  Market leading time and attendance, scheduling, and management.

Payments: Paycards, transaction history, alerts… all mobile and all web.

HR Self-Service:   Intuitive end-user information management, complete with messaging and approval workflows.

Payroll: “From punch to pay”, offering incredible flexibility with preview and edit capabilities.

Benefits:  Fully featured from Setup to Enrollment to rich analytics.


If you are a company of any size and interested in a Workforce Management Solution that will help you compete, not just cut paychecks, you should be taking a long look at Ceridian Dayforce.

Disclosure:  This post is NOT a result of any sponsorship or paid relationship.





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