Recruiting chatbots is becoming a crowded field. Talent acquisition leaders are quickly beginning to develop vision for where engaging candidates with chatbots adds value, and where it doesn’t. The recruiting tech platform players are beginning to settle on the vendors that are taking more primary roles in their ecosystems, which are generally those that are not competitive and increase the platform value proposition.

Xor is the latest to raise funds in this emerging category. 18-months ago this was a category where just being a chatbot was differentiating, now just being a chatbot isn’t differentiating at all. Everyone has AI and machine learning to some degree, as usual knowledge of the space and an understanding for recruiting and candidate behavior is starting to make the tech stand out more than the algorithms that might have caused the hype.

It will be interesting to watch this space in the next 12 to 18 months. We expect to see several acquisitions of vendors providing these point solutions by recruiting platform tech players.

Source: Xor raises $8.4 million for AI-powered job candidate recruitment and screening | VentureBeat

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