Workiz announced a $13 million Series B round of venture capital. This brings its total raised to $20.3 million. Workiz probably doesn’t see itself as HR technology any more than the SMBs in field service industries see themselves doing workforce management when they schedule shifts or align time tracking with payroll and benefits. They probably don’t consider employee engagement or bolstering the employee experience when communicating in their collaboration tools. But that’s what it is.

For SMBs in field service, these processes are core to getting work done, just as shift scheduling and communications/collaboration are core to retail or any other shift or hourly-focused segment of the workforce. It’s also not where the Workiz platform reportedly ends, taking the hours and time from shifts and communication from the field into CRM and invoicing capabilities. The direct tie between people practice and business results is built in.

As businesses grow out of the SMB and middle markets, scaling organizationally and departmentally, these direct ties are harder to keep in place. However, with today’s technology, there is no excuse not to.

HR is increasingly becoming the “business of getting work done,” and the sooner we align with the business in this way, from the shop floor to the retail floor, to software code deployment, and so on, the sooner we can draw those connecting lines and reinforce the alignment of people practice with business operations (all of them). Then we’ll have a real chance to improve employee experience and truly understand engagement.

USD $5 billion of venture capital was invested globally in HR technology during 2020.

Source: Field Service Management Startup Workiz Raises $13M in Series B Funding | Business Wire

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