The Happiness Index announced a USD $1.46 million Seed round of venture capital to couple emotional intelligence with employee engagement. In their product they leverage a combination of data science, AI and neuroscience to give immediate visibility into the key happiness drivers impacting the cultural health, employee engagement, customer engagement and productivity of an organization.

Co-founder and co-CEO Matt Phelan joined me to discuss The Happiness Index product and what it was like to raise this early round during the pandemic. Four things stood out to me in our conversation, which you’ll find in the video below:

  • The unique use of neuroscience to measure employee happiness.
  • The measurement of both engagement and happiness, providing a balance of productivity and cultural assessment.
  • The ties the firm is making between cultural health and engagement to customer engagement and organizational productivity.
  • The very unique way that The Happiness Index chose to go about raising its Seed round.

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