Uplevel “listens” to apps used by engineers, like Slack, Jira, Github, and calendars and then provides analysis on productivity and engagement. They’ve raised $7.5 million in Seed funding as they emerge out of stealth mode. Born out of the exploration of organizational psychologist and entrepreneur David Youssefnia, Ph.D. and his co-founder David Matthews from Microsoft and Hulu they aim to give the same kind of insight and predictability to engineering teams that sales and services team have experienced. HRWins has shared tech advisory clients with Dr. Youssefnia in the past. He has a long and credible track record of applying organizational psychology to employee productivity and engagement for the Fortune 500. This will be critical to Uplevel’s success as “listening” apps are receiving a lukewarm reception beyond the early-adopter crowd.

Uplevel reports that its  “technology analyzes a variety of channels including messaging platforms like Slack, collaboration tools like Jira, code repositories like GitHub and calendars to analyze how engineers spend their time. The platform spits out insights analyzing whether engineers are stuck in too many meetings, assigned too many tasks at once or don’t have enough focus time.”

Source: Madrona Venture Labs spinout Uplevel raises $7.5M to measure engineering teams’ productivity | Uplevel

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