UK-based Perchpeek announced a USD $2.7 million VC A round for its relocation app. This brings its total raised to $3.8 million. Perchpeek is an AI-powered app that helps a user find a new home location by leveraging machine learning as a user navigates through the system. Their message is focused on two things: employee relocation experience and helping employees work from anywhere. Other than helping employees find their “anywhere” home we don’t see anything unique about the app in the context of working from anywhere.

Employee relocation is more complex than it seems on the surface. Managing the reimbursement for relo services and the payment of relo allotments can have tax implications that adversely impact the employee. Working from anywhere has its share of challenges as well when it comes to tax and compliance. Perchpeek enters a market with innovative competitors like Topia and NuCompass.

Globally, USD $5 billion was invested in HR technology during 2020. Get the details in the WorkTech 2020 Global HR Tech VC Lookback.

Source: Relocation startup Perchpeek raises €2.2 million to help employees work anywhere | EU-Startups

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