UK-based Screenloop Raises USD $2.5 Million for its Digital Interview App
London-based hiring intelligence startup Screenloop picks up €2.2 million2021-12-03

The UK’s Screenloop announced a $2.5 million Seed Round of venture capital for its digital interview app. The deal was led by Blissgrowth.

This was the second announcement this week of a digital interview provider with founders from outside of the work tech and HR tech ecosystem aiming to solve the inefficiencies in the interview and selection process. Screenloop looks to leverage AI and NLP with the ambient data from video interviews to help employers make better hiring decisions and improve the quality and consistency of interviews. It joins a crowded global field of innovators including HireVue, ModernHire, BrightHire, InterviewIA, TalView, Humanly, Clovers, Metaview, and many more.

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