UK-based Blink Raises USD $20M for Front-line Worker Productivity and Employee Experience
Blink, a productivity app aimed at frontline workers, raises $20M at a $100M valuation2021-11-10

UK-based Blink announced a $20 million Series A round of venture capital for its front-line worker productivity app. They also announced a $100 million valuation on the round. This brings its total raised to $30.7 million. The deal was led by Next47.

Blink looks to merge deskless worker communication and employee experience found in apps like Beekeeper with a remote-first digital employee experience app, integrating enterprise and productivity apps into the front-line workspace. Work tech with a focus on the deskless or front-line worker has seen increasing focus since 2015. Like HR tech in most categories, that focus has been accelerated since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Blink joins an increasingly crowded field of global competitors where emerging startups, scaleups and legacy HCM platforms are vying for this large segment of the global workforce.

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