TruePlan Raises $17 Million for Workforce Planning App
TruePlan brings data to companies’ headcount and hiring plans2021-11-19

TruePlan announced a $17 million Series A for its workforce planning app. This brings it total raised to 18 million. The round was led by General Catalyst.

Aiming to be the single source of truth for headcount, TruePlan claims to integrate across finance, HR, and recruiting systems to bring everyone involved in workforce planning better insights. Workforce planning and people analytics are going through a rennaisance of sorts with both investors and HR leaders. As businesses continue to struggle to fill positions with external and internal candidates, companies are lookng for better data and insights to drive smarter planning and hiring decisions. Most startups underestimate the complexity of integrating across the myriad HR and Biz systems that would inform true workforce planning. In today’s market, that gets compounded when external data, informing compensation, talent availablity, workforce demographics, diversity, equity, inclusion, and more are introduced into the mix.  It’s also an increasingly competitive landscape. Tech providers in just about every talent-focused category are leaning into providing better workforce planning insights. And, it’s just going to get noisier as more products come to market in 2022.

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