Triplebyte is the latest job board marketplace to get funding. Keeping in line with the recent specialization strategy trend, they are focused on the engineering niche, testing candidates with coding quizzes and then matching them to jobs via machine learning. This size round for a job board focused on engineers, has me wondering about scale. Will geographic expansion be enough?

From VentureBeat:

Nontraditional educations and career paths shouldn’t disqualify computer scientists from well-paying jobs, so long as they have the right skills. That’s the seed of an idea which spawned Triplebyte, a San Francisco startup that uses coding quizzes and machine learning to match would-be employees with open jobs. After a year in which revenue grew three times (over $1 million monthly) and headcount doubled from 20 to 40, it’s attracted funding from a raft of investors including Y Combinator.

Source: Triplebyte raises $35 million to match engineers with employers | VentureBeat

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