Spekit announced a $12.2 million Series A for its digital adoption and learning app.

Learning has been disrupted more frequently than any other category in work tech. Rapid transformations in tech have finally, or at least more effectively, caught up with the science that guides our understanding of how humans learn. This evolution has led to a change in direction for learning tech that keeps the CLO’s head spinning as they repeatedly rip and replace systems to keep up not with trends but demands of the workforce for personalization and ease of use.

We’re now at the beginning of another wave of learning technology disruption that looks to be promising. With the employee at the center of the product design, we see new platforms emerge as a category in itself: digital adoption. These platforms bring along with them a new emerging career track – the digital adoption professional. The category is led by vendors like WalkMe, who have evolved rapidly from a learning overlay for cloud-based apps to an enterprise-wide experience and adoption platform.

Spekit is the latest entry into this space. Spekit looks to be more future of work focused than others we’ve seen emerge in the category. CEO and Co-founder Melanie Fellay writes about “reverse-engineering for the modern workforce,” focusing on three key drivers for “time, massive impact, and joy” while not losing sight of productivity and business results. See her announcement linked below.

The digital adoption and learning categories are hot with both buyers and investors. Spekit looks to be one to watch.

$666 million was invested globally in learning HR tech during 2020. Get the full report for free, here.

Source: Spekit raises $12.2 million Series A to shape the future of learning at work

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