Employee communications and collaboration apps continue to get healthy investor attention. Staffbase is the latest entry to this growing subcategory with a $23 Million C Round. Employee communications applications all look to integrate with HCM platforms like Workday, SAP, or Namely, and work/project management systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Workplace by Facebook, and then either integrate with and/or replace intranet solutions like Sharepoint or Jive.

Their promise is that by focusing on communication and providing access to resources found in other systems via a better user experience for both non-desk and desk workers, the employee experience is improved.

In the large enterprise segment this subcategory demands “coopetition” with HCM, ERP, project/work management, intranets, and more. These incumbent platforms are also working on this opportunity. The issue is largely the same in the middle market. this leads us to expect that broad adoption, or sustained success, for products in the subcategory will come by way of acquisiton from these other platform categories.

Source: Behind Our Series C: How We Built an Internal News App and Found That Communication Is the Heart of Employee Experience – Staffbase | Blog

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