Codecademy announced a $40 million Series D round of venture capital and stressed its new CareerPath and Codecademy for Business products. This brings its total raised to $87.5 million.

In 2020 Codecademy released its CareerPath learning products. These are direct to consumer and focused mainly on entry-level talent. Combined with its Teams and Codecademy for business offerings, it lays the foundation for an interesting offering for coding-focused upskilling.

“Our business product is currently being used for technical training and coding education by over 700 organizations, including Fortune 500s, media brands, universities, financial institutions, and more, looking to empower employee innovation, foster problem-solving skills, encourage cross-functional communication, keep teams engaged and connected through learning, and prepare employees for the future digital-first workplace.”

from the Codecademy announcement

In 2020 the learning category received USD $666 million in VC. It was one of the top three categories in the 2020 Global HR Tech VC Lookback. The pandemic and the resulting shift to remote work sparked investor and HR tech buyer interest in new learning tech. The learning category is a mature one and has seen repeated disruption as the CLO (Chief Learning Officer) and employees’ expectations shift along with consumer tech trends.

Source: What $40M in Series D funding means for the future of Codecademy

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