The Mom Project has raised $25 million for its job board marketplace that focuses on “work-life integration for women.”

The Mom Project claims that “86% of working mothers would leave a job for an opportunity that better supports their work and life considerations.” Our research supports that, but with one nuance – our international Workplace Intelligence Report revealed that employees aren’t buying “work-life integration” and are more interested in balancing their lives and work, versus integrating them. The COVID-19 crisis and immediate acceleration of the remote work trend shined a light on the increasing challenges with achieving this balance. Now, with a pending return back that will bring challenges for individual workers and families juggling hybrid in-office schedules, hybrid in-classroom school schedules, work from home, home healthcare challenges, and more we see employers facing that they need to provide more flexibility and models for work. The Mom Project seems like it might be a good place for employers to put their jobs and employer brand to demonstrate their commitment to supporting employees and the employee experience.


Source: The Mom Project raises $25M for its job site aimed at women returning to work | TechCrunch

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