humanpredictions aggregates available public data then claims to use it to identify talent, tell you when it’s best to contact them, and what message to deliver. Largely focused on tech, they apply data science and machine learning to help identify talent and predict engagement outcomes. Another entry to a very crowded intelligent talent sourcing category.


humanpredictions, a machine learning technology company whose product helps recruiting companies and enterprises identify and build relationships with tech talent, today announced a $1.16 million funding round led by Network Ventures with additional investment from Hyde Park Angels, SaaS Ventures, and M25. This capital will help humanpredictions further grow and invest in its team of engineers and data scientists.

Recruiting for tech roles can be difficult. Because of the competitive nature of tech, it is often challenging for recruiters to find people who both have the right skills the company needs and are ready to pursue a new job opportunity. Once they have identified people of interest, recruiters may struggle to start the conversation in terms that prospects will respond to.To address those problems, humanpredictions provides organized data-search tools and gathers public data to create profiles of people in the tech industry, specifically Technology Leaders, Software Engineers, DevOps, Data Science, Product, iOS/Android, Designers/UI/UX, and QA. The platform then uses machine learning to predict which individuals are more likely to leave their current roles. In addition, humanpredictions facilitates the conversation with people by indicating when and how to reach out. By accessing these insights, recruiters can better target their outreach, find the right matches more easily, and improve the flow of the interviewing process.

Source: Tech Recruiting Database humanpredictions Raises $1.16M | Business Wire

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