Talent Acquisition Is Being Disrupted

This batch of #hrwins Top HR Companies To Watch for Talent Acquistion was exciting to put together. I cut my teeth in this space as a recruiter and talent management professional over a period of 10 years. Then, I moved on to the tech side, launching some of the biggest brands in this segment to this day. What really fueled my passion for the space over those first 20 years of my career was the pace of innovation and change I saw at the time. The promise that we offered talent acquisition leaders with technology as the world of work and the workforce was changing.

We’re at a similar point in time again.

The trends that continue to change technology  like the emergence of the cloud, mobile-first development, the maturation of social media and networks, data (big and analytics), the focus on User-Experience, measurable engagement, small and medium sized businesses (SMB) with more sophisticated technology expectations, etc.  These tech and market trends combine with rapidly evolving workforce trends, like the emerging contingent workforce, implications of the Affordable Care Act, baby boomers exiting the workforce (they will, trust me), a digital native workforce entering (I don’t like the M-word), and cultural shifts in what we expect from our employers.

The combination of these and other tech and workforce trends create a perfect storm of sorts. A time where tech is taking major steps forward, faster than ever before, to deliver a more meaningful experience to both candidates and employers.

When I launched the #hrwins a few years ago as a celebration of innovation for HR the intent was to celebrate not just tech, but innovation happening in HR process and initiatives because that’s where it matters most. But, we have a tendency to focus on technology as innovation.

In this #hrwins for the first time we see a few organizations that are not just providing tech, but providing guidance to talent acquisition leaders in several forms.

Organizations like The Talent Board, creators of the Candidate Experience Awards. Through their relentless commitment to data driven insight and collaboration, they’ve called attention to areas in talent acquisition needing to be addressed for decades – and both employers and tech vendors have responded.

Firms like Amplify Talent, who establish talent strategies that are as strategic as they are rooted in common sense. Leveraging the latest technology and the latest thinking in talent acquisition.

And, firms like Branded Strategies, an employer branding agency that helps employers see their true identity and then bring it to the market with creative honesty.

The technology vendors in this list are all committed to improving the experience for both HR technology users and the candidates and employees that the technology impacts. I’m seeing great things happening in the field with employers and with tech vendors. It’s an exciting time to be in HR and HR technology.

With that, I give you the new crop of 2015 #hrwins Top HR Companies To Watch for Talent Acquisition



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