Syndio announced a USD $7.5 Million Series A, focusing on its pay equity solution. Syndio provides people analytics technology with two distinct offerings: Pay Equity and People EQ. Syndio’s Pay Equity product analyzes internal and external data to quickly identify disparities in pay equity and recommend solutions. PeopleEQ “listens” to your company’s network, performing organizational network analysis (ONA), identifying relationships, communication flow, and sentiment.

Immediate and tactical response to the COVID-19 crisis has consumed much of the HR leader’s mindshare, however as strategic planning for work after the crisis begins initiatives focused on diversity, inclusion, and equity are becoming top of mind. As we set the vision for what work looks like post-COVID-19 solutions that ensure more equitable pay, minimizing bias in the enterprise wherever possible may see more adoption in the enterprise. On our Future of Work Magazine site engagement with diversity, inclusion and equity-related news is currently second only to COVID-19 related topics.

ONA solutions that show communication hubs, and influence and sentiment in an organization my pique the interest of businesses now managing large distributed workforces. However, these solutions introduce data and employee privacy concerns that an employer will need to reconcile with their culture and employee experience.

Source: Fairness at Work is More Important Than Ever | Syndio

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