Advisory Consulting

Fueled by Data and Experience

For Employers

Align Your Workforce Strategy with a Tech Stack that Enables Your Future of Work

We help companies of all sizes connect their workforce strategy and unique vision for their future of work with tech that will enable it..

WorkTech’s unique lens ties the macroeconomic and business trends to what’s happening in the world of Work Tech and HR Tech today. The result is unparalleled perspective on the tech that will contribute to the outcomes you and your C-suite are focused on, from recruitment to individual engagement to workforce productivity. 

For Solution Providers

Discover Your Blind Spots and Exploit Your Opportunities with the Advisor that Defined Work Tech

We help solution providers of all stages and sizes connect their strategy to their execution.

Whether it’s helping a multi-billion dollar platform provider uncover gaps in their product offering, discover new partners, or align their corporate development strategy with a target list of providers. Or helping market leaders with strategy, messaging, and uncovering blind spots. Or helping a scaleup enable their sales and product teams with some much-needed market perspective and partnership connections. Or helping a startup with its messaging and introductions to potential investors. WorkTech delivers insights that emerge from decades of experience in the market.

Get Market-ready with Support from the Leading Work Tech Market Analyst

Go To Market

We’ll look at your existing go-to-market strategy and plans in the context of the goals you need to reach and the market realities of today and in the future. We’ll validate or challenge the path that you’re on and provide data and experience-backed alternatives.



Corp Dev and Strategy

We support your existing Corp Dev efforts with rich market data and unbiased insights. For suppliers that don’t have a team, we fill the void with the same on a project or retained/fractional basis. WorkTech’s TAM/SAM/SOM data, market intelligence, and experience is unmatched here.



Product Strategy and Marketing

While you foucs on delivering an amazing product, we’ll deliver the data-driven insights you need. Competitive analysis. Messaging and positioning analysis, input, and frameworks. Aligning your product and message with your market segment(s) and ICP. And more.



Team and Project Enablement

Enabling your executive, sales, marketing, services, and customer success teams understand the evolution of the market, where it’s headed, and how to operationalize your strategy and narrative in ways that resonate with them and the customers they touch.



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Watch our exclusive interviews with leading work tech companies.

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