RippleMatch raised $6 million to help employers better match students to internships and jobs.

Campus recruiting technology isn’t new. Neither is campus recruiting technology that leverages AI.

RippleMatch told TechCrunch that after gathering basic candidate demographics and interests via questionnaire, it adds their GPA and test scores. All of this is combined with another 300 passive data points that it ueses to match candidates with jobs and internships. They also claim to go beyond the job description and factor in the employer’s “hiring strategy,” whatever that means.

Looking at the site itself, it looks to be a job board/marketplace approach to campus recruiting.  RippleMatch will join the very crowded field of campus-focused platforms and job boards along with targeted offerings from recruitment marketing and other recruiting tech providers.


Source: RippleMatch nabs $6M for a diversity-focused graduate recruitment platform powered by AI | TechCrunch

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