Q1 was an amazing start to 2018 from an HR tech venture capital investment perspective. In all of 2017 we tracked about $1.1 billion of pre-IPO venture capital investment. Q1 2018 has already delivered $795 million. And, the early days of Q2 seem to be on a similar fast pace.

As you can see in the report, the investment trends do align with workforce and tech trends that employers are demonstrating in our primary and secondary research. However, this report only looks at this point in time, the trends reflected, and the vendors that received the funding in this quarter. While a vendor in this report may be aligned with a trend, the timing of their investment by no means reflects validation of their product, or their competitive standing. We’re not financial analysts, and we aren’t making any recommendations of the sort.

As a leader in HR with any concern for technology and its impact on the work of the future it is important to look at this report and the trends reflected to get a sense of what tech is “in the funnel.” While you’re at it, please take a gander at the 2017 annual look-back and the quarterly reports from 2017. We’re also available to chat with you regarding any deeper insights you may require.

Enjoy the report, and please leave comments or questions in the comments, or anywhere else you can find us.

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