Strategy for Entering a New Market

Provide insights and perspective to inspire, challenge, or validate this WorkTech customer’s go-to-market and product strategies as they consider expanding into new global markets.

This engagement culminated in a strategy advisory session. Ad hoc advisory was used before and after the strategy session.

  • Deliverables included:
  • Evaluation and feedback on the client’s technology/product strategy
  • Current technology landscape and market landscape analysis
  • Formulation and presentation of proposed strategies moving forward
  • Market trends analysis
  • Market Data & Insights
  • Market Size/TAM-SAM-SOM
  • Global market idiosyncrasies by region
  • Perspectives on the tech provider’s brand related to their target market segment and ICP
  • M & A strategy. Build, buy, partner analysis.

WorkTech’s insights and deliverables informed decisions made by the client to establish a physical presence in Europe while also beginning the process of evaluating potential acquisition targets to augment growth. Key considerations were established regarding product, marketing, and go-to-market.