The Category for the Future of Work Emerges

Work Tech has emerged as a new category from the foundation of traditional enterprise technology categories, most notably HR technology. 

This new Work Tech category has attracted investment and adoption at levels never before seen in foundational HR technology. Work Tech is extending into the flow of work with new employee-first design principles that drive inclusion and promise agility in anticipation of the next unknown challenge to confront the workplace.

Based on more than one hundred interviews and a survey of more than 1,000 international executives, this new report from WorkTech illuminates:


    • Average 2023 headcount growth across thirty-eight industries.
    • Aggressive rates of projected market growth for Work Tech and Hiring Work Tech.
    • Anticipated Hiring Work Tech 2023 budget growth.
    • New technology adoption plans in 2023.
    • Work Tech predictions for 2023 and beyond.