Vendors are still trying to find a home for VR in HR tech. Training is an obvious starting point. Bias is a hot topic. Our recent Workplace Intelligence Report research suggests that the opportunity to truly impact bias is during the flow of work, where behaviors can be changed. This, of course, is in addition to training.

There is a lot of tech emerging to counter bias and improve diversity and inclusion. Employers should expect to see more apps, like Mursion, entering the market rapidly. 2020 will most likely be the year of the D&I platform, rolling up some of these apps into more holistic offerings.

From their press release:

SAN FRANCISCO, March 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mursion, a startup that provides immersive VR training for essential skills in the workplace, today announced an $8M Series A, led by impact investor New Markets Venture Partners, along with the Schusterman Family Investment Office, Zoma Capital, New Schools Venture Fund, Propel Capital, Figure 8 Investments, and the Strada Education Network. Already used by a cross section of more than 150 leading employers including Comerica, LinkedIn, Ebay, Coca-Cola, and Nationwide, Mursion is pioneering the application of VR to improve emotional intelligence, and reduce unconscious bias in the workplace.”Soft skills present a complex challenge for organizations because they require authentic opportunities to practice and improve. Mistakes, failure, and reflection are part of the process. What makes these essential skills rare and valuable is also what makes them difficult to obtain,” said Mursion CEO, Mark Atkinson. “VR enables us to create a safe, anonymous space to practice difficult conversations. Learners experience emotional ‘danger’ and stress, but they do so within the safety and anonymity of the simulation.”

Source: VR for HR: Startup Raises $8M from Impact Investors to Tackle Workplace Bias Through Simulations

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