Beamery¬†develops recruitment marketing and talent CRM tech that they say is for “companies that are proactive about engaging the best talent.” Beamery takes modern approaches to candidate passive and active data aggregation, marketing, and automation, and puts it in an interface that recruiters and talent acquisition leaders can understand.

With employers focused more than ever on candidate experience, Beamery is taking a page from successful B2C and B2B marketing, where we’ve learned that personalization is the best path to differentiation for modern marketers. It’s this approach that put them on the 2017 HRWins Top HR Companies To Watch List.

Personalization is key to better experiences. If you can provide personalized experience leveraging data passively, with minimal input from the recipient, even better. Beamery provides hyper-personalization for candidate experiences. Employers leverage public and private data with candidate career site behavior providing existing and/or new internal or external candidates a tailored experience . The focus on personalization via leveraged data, machine learning and automation will show up throughout the employee lifecycle in 2018. Solutions like Beamery aim to differentiate a company’s brand by establishing the early expectation, pre-hire, that the employee’s experience is important.

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