In this week’s HR MarketWatch Weekly we outlined our view that Employee Total Wellbeing has an opportunity to become the next hot marketplace in HR technology. This view is based on an understanding of two things: the spend employers have in benefits and wellbeing, and the need for employers to provide solutions that meet the needs of its entire workforce – one size does not fit all.

Maven just announced a raise of $50 Million to bring healthcare and wellness benefits to half of any given employee population: women. Maven is an interesting new entry into the world of HR technology and benefits. We expect existing providers, carriers, brokers, and technologists to offer similar curated benefits offerings with a keen eye on elective benefits. While the future model of health insurance in the US has an uncertain future, we expect elective benefits, like those in the wellbeing space to get increased attention.

Source: Expanding its women’s health benefits offerings for employers, Maven raises $45 million | TechCrunch

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