2017 is all about giving employers the context they need for HR technology!


#HRWins research has uncovered the top objective for HR tech implementations in 2017. When I looked at the results of the research, this particular metric was a very pleasant surprise. Employers are prioritizing the support of managers and supervisors with new HR technology. We are quickly moving to a time where much of HR tech is designed not for the HR user or admin, but for employees and managers. If you think about the way work is changing, much of it is about transparency and access for the business, outside of HR. This puts HR in a more strategic advisor role, and also increases the importance of HR data across the enterprise.

This is exciting stuff!

But, in order for HR and HR technologists to deliver, we’re going to need something: context. Too much of the technology I see is being positioned as one size fits all across employer size, industry, and employee demographics. The problem is this just isn’t reality for HR tech, or any tech for that matter.  Join me on this edition of HR MarketWatch and learn about the kind of context we need, and what we’re going to strive to deliver in the #HRWins this year.

We’ll also meet a new HR tech vendor that I think really gets this: Beekeeper. I’m joined by their VP of North America, Michael Berman. Beekeeper has developed an internal communications tool for companies with non-office employees. Talk about context! This HR technology helps companies in industries like hospitality and retail, or any employer with a distributed workforce communicate. A great example of HR technology helping HR become the business of getting work done. I really enjoyed the conversation with Michael, and we dig in on a lot of timely topics, and context, in the interview.

Enjoy HR MarketWatch!

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